Today’s Popular Spray Park Design Trends | April 7th, 2020

April 7th, 2020

Every step in the development of a spray park or splash pad is crucial. Without any one of those steps, including approvals, funding and construction, your splash pad doesn’t happen.

But there is one aspect of splash pad planning and development that is not often considered critical, but it may be the most important part of the success of the finished project. While spray park design often comes down to simply making sure that the spray park equipment is properly and safely placed and spaced, patrons are demanding a lot more from the parks that they keep returning to. Here are some popular spray park designs we’ve been seeing.

3 Spray Park Designs & Trends

The following are among the many new directions we are seeing in splash pad design.

Interactivity & Inclusivity – What if, when you were a kid, you went to the spray park, but you couldn’t use the play feature that all the other kids were enjoying? The fewer people who have to suffer that feeling, the better. Spray parks are increasingly being designed with wheel-chair-safe surfaces, accessibility for strollers and other features that encourage interactivity and inclusivity of every user.

Truly for All Ages – Many of the parents who appreciate having a splash pad in the neighbourhood, or choose where to stay because it has a spray park, didn’t grow up with anything like that. And they want to make up for it now. In addition to making sure there is space and places for parents and grown-ups to sit and splash on the sides, more designers are including the “grown-up” specifications for the splash pad equipment they choose.

Themes With a Purpose – Themed splash pads are more enjoyable. Who hasn’t wanted to get into a battle with other pirates using water cannons?! Turning it up a notch, many water playground design themes are taking on more cultural, historical and/or community significance.

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