Turn Your Water Park Into an Aquacircus! | Feb. 4th, 2021

February 4th, 2021

What do you think of when you think of a circus? “Fun” might be the first thing. How about clowns, colours and lots of things to see and do? Now imagine if you combined all those exciting thoughts with water play features. Suddenly, your water park, splash pad or spray park has become an aqua circus!

Aquacircus is one of our most popular lines of waterplay features all around the world. It combines interactive water events and innovative play structures into an exciting circus-themed set that makes children (of all ages, of course!) part of the “circus”!

Why Aquacircus is so Popular

Designing and building water park equipment might be the best job in the world. We get to explore happy, interesting and exciting themes and blend them with the pure fun of water play into themed sets that bring it all to life.

The Aquacircus theme combines the universal popularity of circuses into a complete line of water toys. With so many features, water park, splash pad and spray park managers can use Aquacircus as a “turnkey” option for choosing all their spray park features at once.

A Wide Range of Water Play Components – Thrilling water slides and tubes; multiple levels; clowns with spray hats; whirling and twirling spray features; and beautiful zigzag fountains.

Structures of All Sizes & Complexities – Choose a mix of Aquacircus features to appeal to different ages groups, and to suit your budget

A Visual Treat – Just looking at the Aquacircus is fun. And that makes your project look good too.

Safe & Durable – High-quality plastics; tactile surfaces; rounded shapes; no pinch points; low electrical and heat conductivity. All our water toys are guaranteed to be safe for play by children, and you are protected by a lifetime guarantee against corrosion.

Perhaps best of all, Aquacircus solves the problem of wondering which waterplay features to choose for your project!

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