What to Do When Your Splash Pad Equipment is Beyond Repair | Aug. 19th, 2019

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August 19th, 2019

Splash pad managers have a big headache. No, it’s not because they must constantly be vigilant about their patrons’ safety, or the daily maintenance required to keep the play areas healthy. Of all the regular tasks there’s perhaps none worse than knowing what to do when your splash pad equipment is beyond repair.

Yes, of course you need to replace the play equipment, but that’s where the headaches begin. It’s not just choosing the best water playground equipment, but you need to worry about pump systems and piped-in water supplies too.

A Headache-Free Solution to Splash Pad Equipment That’s Beyond Repair

Empex Watertoys® listened to our clients who needed an easier, more cost-effective solution to replacing older equipment, or even to add new equipment that can turn your splash pad into a fun, interactive spray park.

The result is the Aquatoys Plug n Play line of water toys which are all designed with self-contained pumps that eliminate the need for a water feed. They minimize your installation headaches too by being able to be installed just about anywhere in your splash pad, in as little as six inches of water.

Here are just a few of the other benefits of Aquatoys Plug n Play equipment (see photo gallery above)

No damage to the splash pad surface during installation or any time after

They are corrosion-free and come with a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

Made of the same composite plastic and fibreglass materials that give all our water toys superior strength, safety and durability

Low electrical and heat conductivity

Tactile surfaces and rounded shapes without protrusions and pinch-points

Lightweight construction and surface mountable structure doesn’t require a complex foundation

So now you can look forward to when your splash pad equipment needs to be replaced.

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