What to Look for in Water Park Equipment | Sept. 25th, 2017

September 25th, 2017

If it’s your job to find the right water toys for a planned park or installation, there are certain features and attributes that set top quality water park equipment apart from the rest.

1) Safety

The safety of its users must be the top priority for the design, materials and construction of a water toy. Starting with proper ergonomics that minimize the chances of an accident, Empex then adds tactile finishes providing soft, rounded surfaces. Wherever better grip is needed, every Play elements must be safe first, before it is anything else.

2) Durability & Strength

We’ve shown you previously on the blog a simple but very effective demonstration video that shows the strength of Empex water toys. Water toys must be remarkably strong for a number of reasons. Primarily for the safety of anyone that uses them, but also to make them more durable and resistant against corrosion, scuffing, UV radiation, salt and chlorine.

3) Low Conductivity

Safety risks go beyond slips and falls. Exposure to the sun can cause water toys to become hot to the touch. And electricity can be dangerous if it can pass through the water toy. Always look for water park equipment that has low heat and electrical conductivity.

4. Ease of Installation, Maintenance and Reconfiguration

Water park equipment that needs more complex foundational structures and installation procedures will not only cost more to put in place, but also incur costs due to delayed park openings and revenue loss. Look for equipment that is easier to install, remove, replace elsewhere, or renew so you can reduce costs, keep your park configurations fresh and update to the latest toys as needed. And make sure they use minimal moving parts because that means minimal maintenance.

The more time you spend researching the water park equipment you need, the easier it will be to operate the park, the less you will spend and, best of all, the safer you customers will be.


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