What Will the New Year Hold for Splash Pads & Spray Parks? | Dec. 7th, 2020

December 7th, 2020

First of all, considering that last year at this time, no one could have predicted the events the New Year held, we’re definitely not making any predictions. As a splash pad or spray park owner, operator or manager, your New Year will not only be shaped by the ongoing COVID pandemic, but also by how people and governments in your area react to it.

But, in the absence of a reliable crystal ball, we can look back at the year gone by and at least make some educated guesses as to how the New Year will unfold for all types of water amusement parks and facilities.

What the New Year Looks Like for Water Parks

Again, these are not meant to be predictions, but just what we see as perhaps happening, based on the experiences of the past year.

Splash & Spray Parks Will Remain a Safe Option – We were all fortunate that there was no reported significant spread of COVID in water parks. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) continues to say:

“There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of recreational waters. Follow safe swimming practices along with social distancing and everyday preventative actions to protect yourself.”

Be Ready to Open – Whether or not you managed to open this year, you should be prepared to do so next year. In addition to the usual spray park equipment maintenance, staffing and training duties, you’ll need to redouble your efforts to protect your facility against the spread of COVID, including the following, among other measures:

Marketing & Signage – COVID prevention awareness, for both staff and guests, is key. Be sure to encourage healthy hygiene, including the proper washing of hands, physical distancing and the proper use of masks in all your messaging, before and during guest visits.

Stock Up – Have adequate supplies of hand sanitizer and sanitizer dispensers throughout your facility, and soap, paper towels or air dryers in washrooms. Also make sure you have adequate cleaning and disinfecting solutions and supplies, and a schedule and procedure for keeping all areas of your facility disinfected.

Be Ready to Close – Outbreaks can happen anywhere at any time. Despite water parks being generally safe, it doesn’t mean you’re immune from exposure. Plans and procedures should be in place to quickly close your park to visitors and remain so for an indefinite period.

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