Where Did that Water Park Come from Anyway? | Nov. 21st, 2017

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November 21st, 2017

Yes, we design, build and install water parks and water park toys. So we’re a little biased about them. But one of the reasons we are in this business is the sheer fun we have at a water park.

Whether it’s simply a sprinkler in the backyard, a neighbourhood splash pad, or full-blown water theme parks, there’s something about splashing and playing in water that attracts, well, everyone.

But there’s a side effect to how much everyone loves water parks. We take them for granted. We see them and we just going running to jump in. But we never think about how the water park got there in the first place.

The first thing that has to happen before a water park is designed, built and installed is that the owner or manager of the property must decide that they want one.

So you enjoy a water park because a person or group thought it would be a good idea. But who are these people and organizations?

1) Municipal or Local Governments

While public swimming pools have been popular for over a hundred years, public water-park-style equipment has only been installed over the past few decades. But municipal governments are attracted to their popularity and safety.

2) Residential Real Estate Developers

Especially in competitive building environments, residential real estate developers will add a water park feature to make their developments more attractive to buyers.

3) Hotel and Resort Owners

Again, in a bid to set their properties apart, and to appeal to more families, hotel and resort owners will add water park equipment as an attraction.

4) Commercial Real Estate Developers

Mall owners and developers are always looking for ways to make their properties more of a ‘destination’ for their customers and they often rely on water park features to help make that happen.

5) Private Parks & Recreation Facilities

Adding water park equipment to an existing facility, like a private zoo, go-cart track or mini-golf course, makes the property appealing to a wider market who will also spend more time at the property.

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