Why Do You Prefer One Water Park More than Others? | Aug. 29th, 2018

August 29th, 2018

If you’re planning a water park, or you’re in charge of constructing one, you probably have one thing in common. You love going to water parks. It’s an easy assumption to make because not too many people don’t enjoy visiting water parks.

But, have you found that there are some parks you prefer more than others? Considering the universal appeal of water playgrounds, you’d think they’d all be your favourites.

Still, there’s something that makes certain water parks more popular than others. Something that attracts more visitors and delivers more visitor enjoyment.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that ‘something’ in your water park?

Choose the Right Mix of Water Park Attractions & Toys

Chances are you liked one water theme park more than another because it offered variety. Think about it. Let’s say water slides are your absolute favourite. What if you visited a waterpark that was nothing but slides. After a while, you’d be hoping for some different water fun.

That might be an extreme example, but it highlights the point that having the right mix of water park equipment can broaden the appeal of your park. In addition to the slides and other high-profile attractions, remember to include some of the following in your water park layout.

Children-Friendly Zones

Children demand to go to waterparks. When they get what they want, the entire family goes along to join in the fun.

Wave Pools

This is one that everyone in the family can enjoy, so it’s another big draw.

Splash Pads & Spray Parks


These can work indoors or out and their interactive play adds a new dimension of enjoyment.

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