Why Marketing Your Water Park is More Important than Ever | Dec. 14th, 2020

December 14th, 2020

Considering that COVID made this year’s water and spray park season shorter at best, and non-existent for some, plans to market your facility in the New Year might not be at the top of your to-do list.

But, just like businesses that find ways to make it through recessions are well-positioned to take advantage of the turnaround that follows, it can be very helpful for your facility in the long-term if you stay in touch and front-of-mind with your customers as much as you can.

4 Reasons Why Marketing Your Water or Spray Park is More Important Now

Of course, major media purchases online or on broadcast media might not be the most cost-efficient spending. But, if you use social media, including platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, and if you have an up-to-date email database, you can leverage them as an economical way to market to your customers, keep them informed, and help them get ready for a return to the water park! And here’s why you should do so in the New Year!

Customers Are Confused – Regardless of where you are in the world, it’s very likely that many people in your area can’t fully explain the current COVID restrictions for the area. The problem with splash parks is, when people are confused, they tend to stay away, which can negatively affect your traffic if/when you open.

Keep them informed about both general COVID developments, and the implications for visiting your park.

Get Them Ready to Visit – Going beyond whether they are allowed to visit your facility, letting them know what they can expect when they do can help them be more at ease about doing so. What safety precautions are in place? What should they bring, or not bring, when they visit? How should they act while in the park? The answers to these and other questions, even if it’s the middle of winter, will make it easier to visit a water park when they open.

Give Them Something to Look Forward To – Do you have a new piece of splash pad equipment? A promotion to attract more guests? How delicious are the items on your concession menus? The answers will help them make the right decisions about where to go when the time comes!

Check Your Competitor’s Marketing – In our non-scientific survey, we found a surprising number of water parks that didn’t post to their social media this year.

But a few stayed active even if they didn’t reopen. Whether they were actively marketing or not, this is your chance to set yourself apart, by regularly posting and engaging your customers.

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