Why One of the Simplest Water Features is One of the Most Popular | March 18th, 2020

March 18th, 2020

Everyone has their favourite water park, spray park or splash pad features. Whether it’s the water slides, spray jets or spraying teeter-totter, it’s the one that children think of the most when they are not at the water park, the one they play with first as soon as they arrive, and the one they end up using most before they leave.

But there’s one popular water feature that isn’t quite like the others. You might never think about the unique feeling it gives you when you play with it. You aren’t likely to run straight for it before trying anything else, but you’ll make a point of using it more than once during your stay. And you may just use it for a few seconds each time, but you’ll use it a lot.

In other words, this one may not be at the top of anyone’s list of favourite water features, but it may be at the top of the list of features a spray park can’t do without.

Why Tipping Buckets are So Popular

If you’ve ever stood at the foot of a log flume ride, and seen people of all ages, some fully clothed, standing in a spot where they know they will be soaked when the flume goes by, then you’ll have an idea of why tipping buckets are so popular.

Tipping buckets, like our complete line of Aquatippers, simply fill with water, and when enough water is in the bucket, it tips over to pour its contents on whoever is standing below. That’s it, no jets, sprays or mists, just water pouring out at random times.

Here’s why tipping buckets are among the most popular of all water park and splash pad equipment.

We all Love to Be Drenched – Whether it’s getting a sense of water’s powerful kinetic energy, without any concern about safety, or just having more water pour on us than we can get anywhere else, we love it.

The Anticipation of Excitement, the Excitement of Anticipation – Tipping buckets are designed to deliver enough of a deluge to make visitors feel enough water pressure so that it’s unlike any other water park experience. They are also designed to use only gravity to get them to tip, which means it’s tough to tell exactly when it will tip. We’re not sure which one is more fun. Not knowing when you’re going to be drenched, and waiting until it happens, or the drenching itself.

Everyone Can Enjoy Them – Tipping buckets come in all shapes and sizes to suit visitors of all ages. Many grown-ups, who usually lounge at the edge of a spray park feature to watch their children, have been spotted under tipping buckets!

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