Why Water Toy Coating Processes are Important | Dec. 20th, 2021

December 20th, 2022

It’s not like you don’t have enough to worry about already. But, if you are managing the installation or upgrade of a splash pad or spray park – whether for a municipal park, recreation centre, hotel, resort, campground, zoo, family entertainment centre (FEC), water park, theme park or shopping mall – you need to research the finishing coats of the water features as much as any other part of the project.

Why The Water Toy Coating Process is So Important

From construction schedules to user experience, you have a lot to consider. The first point that underlines the importance of the finish of your water features is that, if it isn’t great, everything else you do might be for nothing. Really. Here’s why.

1) Keeps Your Facility Looking Newer for Longer

Have you ever been to a water park or amusement park and the features and rides look a little shabby? Compare that to a park you walk into where everything looks new, bright and colorful. From a user experience point of view, you can’t put a value on that first impression. The better the coating process is on your spray park or splash pad equipment, the longer it will keep its like new’ appearance. And the longer it will deliver a better first impression.

2) Increases User Safety

Of course, the safety of your patrons is your highest priority. A more robust coating process means smoother, less abrasive surfaces, lower surface temperatures in sunlight, and lower electrical conductivity.

3) Less Maintenance

A better finish means lower maintenance costs too. When lower-quality coatings might need refinishing, a simple wipe down will do the trick with a better quality finish. You won’t need to wax as often, or fix chips and cracks, or remove the water feature as often either.

4) Longer Lasting

Of course, a better coating offers more protection for the underlying structure. If the underlying structure remains strong, and the water feature looks great, year after year, your replacement costs go way down.

The Empex Watertoys® 6-Step Coating Process

We have engineered a proprietary 6-step coatings process and use state-of-the-art paints that result in water features that look great, increase safety, minimize maintenance and last longer.

Surface Preparation

As any good painter will tell you, it all starts with proper surface preparation. We first abrade, etch and clean the surface before priming with two coats.

Protective Paint

Then we apply a special chemical-resistant and UV-resistant paint that holds its pigment longer and stands up to chlorine and sunlight better than traditional coatings.

Clear-Coat Finish

We finish it off with our clear coat to seal in the colors and provide more protection from water and scum.

It’s All Done In-House

All of this is done in our state-of-the-art paint shop within our factory by highly-trained craftsmen. The result is a great-looking product that minimizes required maintenance and delivers a longer service life!

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