Why You Need Quality Materials At A Spray Park

December 14th, 2022

Spray park designs and features are endless. You can create an oasis for children and adults to have fun with interactive water play. And, they can become tourist attractions depending on the features of the spray park and whether or not there’s a lot of competition from other parks in your area. But, to reach all this potential, your spray park features need to be built properly, using the right materials.

Here is why you need quality materials at a spray park


This may go without saying, but a spray park needs to be safe. With water features of all sizes and shapes, you don’t want to risk any accidents occurring from improperly installed or weak equipment. All equipment should also meet any playground safety standards and regulations. When choosing equipment, make sure you also consider whether or not the materials can create safety hazards. Remember, spray play equipment can have slippery surfaces, heat build-up from sun exposure, and solid surfaces that can lead to hard landings and injuries. Consider the layout of your spray park and whether or not materials will be able to withstand any safety hazards.


Usually, spray parks are busy places. With large numbers of people using a spray park at once, the equipment needs to be durable and strong. Exposure to sun, extreme temperatures and the chemicals used in some parks to keep water clean cam also deteriorate weaker materials faster. Having durable and strong equipment can also prevent any replacement and create less maintenance.

Lower Installation & Maintenance Costs

Quality materials, like composite plastics, used for creating water play equipment has the added benefit of offering greater design flexibility. That means the equipment can be designed for faster, easier installation. The materials can be lighter versus more traditional materials, like steel, which also makes them easier to handle and install. And composite plastics withstand the elements, like sun and water chemicals, much better than steel, so less maintenance is required to keep the equipment running.

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