Your Splash Pad Equipment Primer | Aug. 17th, 2021

August 17th, 2021

The combination of greater demand, more versatile materials and advanced technology means splash pad equipment is evolving as quickly as any other water play equipment. That means, for those who manage or are planning to create a splash pad as part of a community center, hotel or resort water playground, or larger water park, keeping up with the progress can be quite a task.

What is a Splash Pad?

Splash pads are water playgrounds where different water features combine to provide a safe water play area. Generally speaking, splash pad solutions are designed for children up to 12 years old in zero-depth play areas.

What are Some of the Trends in Splash Pad Design & Construction?

As you create a new splash pad or upgrade an existing one, be on the lookout for the following trends:

Health & Safety

It’s always a trend. But, in light of recent threats to everyone’s health, there’s more awareness and protection against viruses.

Water Management & Other Environmental Concerns

More emphasis is being placed on minimizing water use and maintaining water quality.


Designers of splash park equipment strive to develop new water toys that increase interactive play between patrons.

What Are Some Different Types of Splash Pad Equipment?

To help you understand what’s new in splash park playground equipment, we’ve highlighted some of the most recent water toy designs.


Splash pads don’t need to only feature simpler water toys. Features like Aquashooters make big water-park-style water toys safe to use in your splash pad.


They are an entire collection of water features in one piece of equipment. Aquadeks come in a wide range of attractive themes and layouts. They can include tipping buckets, spray features, water slides, ladders, water tubes, and more.


Variety makes any splash pad more engaging and Aquanetics water toys add another level of enjoyment and interactivity. Each Aquanetics water toy gives users the ability to create crazy, unique water designs and spray patterns of all kinds.

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