Splash Pad & Spray Park Health Reminders for This Summer

The summer of 2020 taught us many things.  If nothing else, from now on we all will be a little more prepared for unexpected changes in our lives. On the brighter side, it’s also good to know that, even in the midst of a pandemic, splash pads and spray parks can offer safe options for […]

Spray Parks: 3 Benefits of Beach-Entry Pools for Young Families

Even if you’ve enjoyed waterparks, spray parks and splash pads all your life, and now you enjoy them with your own family, you might never have heard of a beach entry pool.  In the planning of spray parks, designers look for a mix of water features to make the park more fun and interesting. One […]

4 Water Splash Park Safety Tips

Summer’s coming and that means at least a few more options to keep the kids occupied. If you’re lucky enough to live near a water amusement park, water splash park or wading pool, you’ll know that they are generally safe to use, even during a pandemic. But, whether they are in housing complexes, public parks […]

The Benefits of Plastics vs Metals in Water Park Equipment

The water park equipment you choose for your splash pad, spray park or water park must be attractive, engaging, safe, durable and low-maintenance. And it must be all those things while remaining within your budget. It’s a long list of “must be’s”. And, as an owner, developer and/or manager of a water-play facility, you have […]

What is Canada’s Biggest Waterpark?

There might not be a better testament to the universal love of water parks than a blog post titled “What is Canada’s Biggest Waterpark?”. Here’s what we mean. Considering the fact that the weather, even in Canada’s warmest regions, makes water park visits a possibility for six months of the year at best, and four […]

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