How Much Water Do Splash Pads Use

Many children and adults enjoy being in environments with water. This is especially true if they have grown up swimming in pools or participating in water activities. One way to continue to enjoy water activities is to go to a splash pad. You still get to enjoy an aquatic environment while also enjoying something new. […]

What To Know When Starting A Spray Park

Spray parks are a big investment. Not only are they financially expensive, but they require time, employees, water play equipment and lots of careful planning. However, it is a smart investment due to their popularity and the potential revenue that can be made. You also get the freedom of designing your own spray park from […]

What You Need To Know Before Going To A Water Playground

Going to a water playground is an exciting experience. You get to enjoy the aquatic features and spend time outdoors. Although you may not be concerned about your safety due to lifeguards and other features, there are some other things to know before going to help you stay safe. Here are  things to know that […]

Why You Need Quality Materials At A Spray Park

Spray park designs and features are endless. You can create an oasis for children and adults to have fun with interactive water play. And, they can become tourist attractions depending on the features of the spray park and whether or not there’s a lot of competition from other parks in your area. But, to reach […]

How To Winterize A Splash Pad

In order to protect your splash pad throughout the winter, you need to winterize it. Doing so helps to avoid any unnecessary repairs or damage that can occur throughout the winter. In addition, it can lead to a smoother reopening once spring and summer come around. and you may also find that your splash pad […]

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