The Pluses & Minuses of Using Salt Water in a Water Park

  It’s early days yet. But when you couple the fact that salt water is the fastest growing trend in residential swimming pools with the emergence of salt water as a selling point for the early-adopter water parks that use it, it means one thing. You better learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of […]

3 More of Our Favourite Water Park Play Structures

  Designing water park play structures is no easy feat. Spray park designers must create an attractive visual appeal in a structure with multiple water features, while considering its safe use by people of all ages and abilities, and with enough space between each piece of water park or splash pad equipment to allow for […]

Key Splash Pad Risk Management Issues

Whether you want to make your hotel or resort more appealing to families, or you want to increase property values in the residential projects you’re building, or you want to offer something different in a municipal park or playground, spray/splash pads are a fun solution. But, while their popularity and fun quotient are very high, […]

4 Important Basics of Waterpark Management

Even if you grew up loving water parks and thinking that managing one would be the greatest job in the world, waterpark management can be one of the most demanding jobs in the amusement park, hospitality and resort industries. A large part of the reason for that is the inherent responsibility of maintaining public safety […]

8 Waterpark Maintenance Tips for Park Opening

As we all get ready for the opening of the season, the more you do now to check that your entire park is in good working order, the less chance you’ll have of a costly shut down later. If your operation includes a water park or splash pad, it’s like you have to do that […]

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