Where Did that Water Park Come from Anyway?

Yes, we design, build and install water parks and water park toys. So we’re a little biased about them. But one of the reasons we are in this business is the sheer fun we have at a water park. Whether it’s simply a sprinkler in the backyard, a neighbourhood splash pad, or full-blown water theme […]

The Importance of Including a Children’s Water Park Area

From initial research and design, to finished construction, there are so many details involved in building a children’s water park that, had you known about them all, you might never have started. From Simply determining the ideal size (and therefore the building and operating costs) of the waterpark for your market, to making sure you […]

3 Reasons for Residential Real Estate Developers to Consider a Splash Pad

Why should condominium developments have all the fun? They get party rooms, gym facilities, pool tables, squash courts, social areas, even rentable guest suites. But those amenities aren’t just that; amenities. They are competitive advantages. Condominium developers can choose from a wide variety of ‘extras’ to add to their projects to set them apart from […]

How to be Safer at a Splash Park

If splash parks are among the most fun and popular types of parks, it doesn’t mean that visitors don’t need to take care to be safe as they enjoy their visit. Of course, being around water means we all need to pay attention if we fall in, or while running or playing on wet surfaces. […]

What to Look for in Water Park Equipment

If it’s your job to find the right water toys for a planned park or installation, there are certain features and attributes that set top quality water park equipment apart from the rest. 1. Safety The safety of its users must be the top priority for the design, materials and construction of a water toy. […]

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