3 Tips for Planning a Community Splash Pad

Whether your patrons are asking for one, or the powers that be have approved the development. There are a number of tips for facilities managers who must oversee a community splash pad installation project. Community splash pads are one of the hottest trends for parks and recreation facilities. Consumers who have used and enjoy the […]

Benefits of Watertoy or Splash Pad Installation?

If your business needs a boost or if you’d like to make it even more successful, watertoys or splash pad installation can be the answer. It provides a fun attraction that will drive people to your business. Having something that attracts children will help your business tremendously as it brings in more parents which in […]

The Advantages of ‘Pester Power’ for a Water Park

If you own, manage or are planning a splash pad for a themed water park, hotel,  or resort, you may be wondering about what is ‘pester power’ and how it can be of any advantage to you. If you are a parent, you have felt the awesome force of pester power first hand. Pester power […]

Children’s Interactive Water Play with Empex Watertoys®

Interactive water play is an ever-increasing trend within the playground market. The demand for spray parks is constantly increasing in municipal parks, recreation centers, hotels and resorts, campgrounds, zoos, FEC’s, water parks, theme parks and even less obvious places such as shopping malls. Interactive water play – having a user’s input create a variable output or response from a water feature – can […]

The 4 Basic Components of Every Splash Pad

Okay, the people young and old who love splashpads probably feel there’s only one component– water! But getting the water into the splash pad equipment so it can squirt, and spray and splash, takes some basic elements of design and construction. And, yes, water is one of those basics, in fact, it’s the very first […]

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